The law differs from one state to the next. The same holds true for child custody laws, and if you and your spouse are planning on getting a divorce in California, then you should become familiar with child custody laws in that state.

Divorce is hard, emotionally, mentally and financially. Some can manage it without an attorney, but many choose to utilize the many skills that a divorce lawyer brings to the table in order to simplify the process. There are several areas where an attorney might particularly be an asset to you in your time of need.

  • Property division is grueling. Your time together with your spouse has rendered you the joint masters of a home and a lot of stuff. That stuff now has to be divided and an attorney can help you develop a system for doing so peaceably, or if necessary help you fight for what you deserve.
  • Negotiation should be easy, but it isn’t. Trying to discuss important matters with your soon-to-be ex is fraught with emotions, but a lawyer can provide a layer of separation and imbue the proceedings with some professionalism and calm.
  • Child support and custody is often the worst bit of a divorce. Attorneys are skilled in helping parents look past their own wishes to the best needs of the child by utilizing years of experience and knowledge of the standards.
  • Making sure you get a fair shake is an attorney’s primary objective. It’s hard for you to see past your feelings sometimes, but they’re removed from the situation and can properly evaluate any settlement offers.
  • Foresight is not nearly as clear as hindsight and letting your lawyers experience work for you is smart. Anticipating the next move is their specialty.

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