Most grandparents take great delight in see their grandkids every so often. However, if a grandparent feels as though he or she is not getting enough time with the grandchildren, then legal action can be taken. There are a few basic things to know about this legal field.

The Process Varies From State to State

The first thing to know is to figure out what your state has on the books concerning grandparents’ visitation rights. See what your state has as the law.

Basic Rights

The law generally states that grandparents should be allotted a certain amount of time to be with their grandkids. Normally, the parents and grandparents can work out a system that works well for everybody. If a grandparent believes there is a problem, then he or she can go to the court to prove that visiting is in the grandchild’s best interest.

In order to determine a grandchild’s best interest the court will look at several factors. One will be the overall relationship with the child to the grandparent and how long it has been since the grandparent has seen his or her grandkid. The court will also look to see if the grandparent has any history of neglect or drug abuse.

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