Child Custody Laws in California

The law differs from one state to the next. The same holds true for child custody laws, and if you and your spouse are planning on getting a divorce in California, then you should become familiar with child custody laws in that state.

The Child’s Best Interest

One of the most important factors that a judge considers when determining child custody is what is ultimately in the best interest of the child. Equal guardianship may be the ideal course of action unless one spouse can prove that the other spouse cannot adequately care for the child. The judge also looks at what has been the status quo and why a change to this status quo would be preferable.

Preference on Which Parent to Stay With

The court looks at many factors when determining custody. One important factor is what the child wants. That does not mean the court will automatically go with what the kid says, but it is something that can be taken into consideration. Age can also play a factor in determining where a child should stay.

What Schools Are Available to Your Child

Something else the court looks at is what the educational situation is that the child will be looking at with each parent. Is the child going to be homeschooled? Do both parents live reasonably close that the child could go to the same school while splitting time between the two parents? 

Child custody laws tend to be very intricate, and you likely need some help going through them all. To hire the best child custody lawyers, contact Dougherty & Associates in Sacramento at 916-877-9353.